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Sunday, October 20, 2019
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emotional health

four people holding up emoji faces

Unhealthy friendship? When to salvage it and when to let go

Expert and student tips for how to deal with an unhealthy friendship.
"Gut health"

Your second brain: How your gut affects your mental health

Scientists are finding that our gut microbiome affects our brain and mental health more than we knew.
Group of students with arms around each other

Social support: The most overlooked self-care routine

Rate this article and enter to winI began feeling pretty out of it when I was 18. I had just started college after moving away from a tight-knit friend group in my hometown and...
Back of a group of students with arms around each other

8 research-backed ways to build friendships that matter

Rate this article and enter to winFriendships are important to our health and well-being—research proves it. In fact, an analysis of 148 studies showed that people with strong social relationships actually live longer. “Friendships...

Rethinking salad: How to eat happy

 Happiness is…a salad? Before you count us out as weirdos with a concerning affection for kale, let us explain. What we eat can affect our moods for up to two days afterward, according to...
A young woman thinking while on her computer

Why disappointment matters: Turning letdowns into life gains

Rate this article and enter to winYou trained your booty off all winter, and when it came time for tryouts, the competition was too stiff; there just weren’t enough spaces on the team. Then...
Crumbled piece of paper with a heart on it

Crushed by your crush? How to move on when the feeling’s not mutual

Rate this article and enter to winHave you ever been in a situation where you liked someone who didn’t like you back? Three out of four students say they have, according to a recent...
A silhouette girl running from silhouette zombies

Run for your life (literally): You gave us 7 ways fitness fixes (almost) everything

Rate this article and enter to win01. CreativityArtistic expression and creativity02. Emotional fixI wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it has saved my life03. SurvivalRule #1 of the zombie apocalypse: cardio04. OpportunitiesA soccer scholarship05. Physical...
Anxiety in library

Ask the school counselor: How to deal with stress

“How do I deal with stress?”—Ben, Raleigh, North CarolinaBen,Great question. We all have stress in our lives, but there are ways to both prevent and cope with stressful situations.What causes stress?Stress happens when we...
Sad girl

Ask the school counselor: Where can I find anonymous help?

"Where can I find anonymous help?"—Name withheld, Minot, North DakotaHelp is available in many places and for many issues. Since you’re asking about “anonymous help,” the best place to start is hotlines. Hotlines are...