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Sunday, October 20, 2019
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calm view of a clean desk

4 tips to keep your calm when you live with other people

Crowded at home? Here are some tips for creating personal space, managing distractions, and keeping the peace.
Group of students with arms around each other

Social support: The most overlooked self-care routine

Rate this article and enter to winI began feeling pretty out of it when I was 18. I had just started college after moving away from a tight-knit friend group in my hometown and...
cool meerkat

How to react less and enjoy more this holiday season

Rate this article and enter to winThe holidays are coming up, and I know two things for certain: (1) My aunt will re-gift me an old book and pretend she bought it for me,...

True grit: How to push through and move forward

Rate this article for a chance to winAs a student, you’re probably pretty familiar with stress. You might also have wondered why some of your peers seem to handle their challenges relatively easily while...

Bicker better: The constructive approach to arguing

 Most of us are pretty bad at arguing. We tend to react rather than respond, often mocking and caricaturing our opponent. As a result, we don’t hear, and vice versa, we aren’t heard.Dealing with...
Two people sitting on a couch facing away from each other

Less fighting, more freedom: How to deal with family frustration

Rate this article and enter to winFrom DNA to embarrassing childhood stories, we share a lot with our families. But we don’t always share the same views. Family members tend to be the people...
Thinking boy

Ask the doc: What else can I do besides exercising to keep my diabetes...

“Diabetes runs in my family. What else can I do besides exercising to keep my risk low?”—Bryan, Newberg, OregonBryan,There are two types of diabetes, so it depends on which type runs in your family.Type...
3 Cartoon family members

The family flowchart: What’s your parent’s style?

Rate this article and enter to win“Leave me alone!” you scream as you slam your bedroom door. “Fine. But no phone for a week,” your parent answers back. “What?!” you yell. “That’s so unfair!”Sound...